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NewJen Bass to Giveaway $200,000 in 1st Place Boat Prizes For 2022 Bass Fishing Tournament Season

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

New Horizon on 2022 Bass Fishing Season

As the horizon of the mountains becomes a dark silhouette against a saturated orange skyline, you have prepared your Nitro Z19 fishing boat for the day ahead. All your gear is stored, and at the ready, the live-well is prepared, and you have the machine all fueled. The Mercury 200 is about to wake with a roar so that you can be first to your fishing hole. You know exactly where you need to be for today.

You have the day's agenda planned in your head, and the GPS is programmed. Waiting in line to launch, all you hear is the deafening quiet interrupted by crickets. It's chilly out, but the warm coffee from the thermos takes care of any goosebumps. You're not even sure if the goosebumps are from the cold or the anticipation of getting on the lake and catching the winning bass of the tournament.

Four New Boats; Best 1st Place Prize in California Bass Fishing Tournaments

Every angler's dream is to stand on top of the podium at the end of the tournament with a trophy and an oversized check worth thousands of dollars. However, NewJen Bass is setting a higher standard of excellence for the 2022 bass fishing tournament season by giving away four brand new boats to the winners of each of their divisions.

That’s right, FOUR BRAND NEW BOATS as 1st-place prizes for the NewJen Bass Pro, AM, and Team Divisions! The shiny, brand-new 2022 Tracker, Ranger, or Nitro fishing boats with Mercury motors will go to the winners of each series at the end of the 2022 Tournament Season.

The first place boat prizes break down as follows:

  • 1st Place “Pro” in the Pro/Am Division wins a Nitro Z19 with a Mercury 200 worth over $50,000

  • 1st Place “Am” in the Pro/Am Division wins a Tracker Pro170 with a Mercury 40

  • Each team member who finishes in 1st place in the Teams Division wins a Ranger Z18 with a Mercury 150

NewJen Bass tournaments take place all over Northern California and the Sacramento bass fishing Delta, so the Angler of the Year is sure to have their hands full. But, with each of these boats valued at more than $50,000, NewJen Bass is one of the best bass fishing tournaments in California to get involved with from the beginning of the season.

Dates for the start of the season in each of the three Divisions are as follows:

  • Pro/Am Division: March 5th, 2022 @ Clearlake

  • Team Division: January 22nd, 2022 @ Clearlake

Why NewJen Bass?

Sure, the United States western bass fishing tournament scene is full of excitement and tough competition. But winning a boat is a life-changing event that is rarely heard of outside of the prestigious Bassmaster or U.S. Open Tournaments! This NewJen Bass season is sure to be one of the most exhilarating for the United States’ west bass fishing scene in recent memory!

The announcement of four 1st-place grand prize boats came during a Facebook Live press conference early in December. NewJen Bass also announced a partnership with several new 2022 sponsors, including White River Marine Group’s Ranger Boats, Nitro Boats, Tracker Boats, Triton Boats, Bass Pro Shops, Angler’s Marine, Bohner Lacefield Marine, and Gone Fishin’ Marine to join the current sponsors of Sanborn Chevrolet, Premier Community Credit Union, Dobyns Rods, and Clearlake Outdoors.

With the addition of these four boats as 1st-place prizes, NewJen Bass should now be considered one of the premier tournaments for United States western bass fishers. Alongside their large cash prizes and honest regulations, now is one of the best first-place prizes of any bass fishing tournament in California.

For the NewJen Bass family, anglers have always come first. Large cash prizes of $10k or more are commonplace for NewJen Bass Tournaments. However, the 1st place boat prizes worth over $50k each should light a fire under anyone serious about competing to get registered with NewJen Bass early and stay committed throughout the season.

After all, getting a trophy for reeling in the biggest donkey of the tournament and holding a giant check worth thousands of dollars is excellent by itself…but NewJen Bass is offering a chance at achieving the dream of driving off into the sunset of the 2022 bass fishing tournament season with a brand new boat.

Get registered today for NewJen Bass Northern California Team or Pro/AM Divisions for your chance to win a brand new boat!

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