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The NewJen Bass Team Division is for California bass tournament anglers who wish to enter with their chosen partner to compete for money and prizes. Whether it's your first bass fishing tournament experience, or you are a seasoned angler, all skill levels are welcome.

 - 5 Fish Limit

 - Over 80% Payback

 - No Off-Limits Period (excluding "Special Events" and/or TOC)

- 4 Regions are made up of: Lake Berryessa, Clearlake, Shasta Lake, Oroville, Don Pedro, New Melones, Lake McClure, and the California Delta



The NewJen Bass Pro/Am Series is for Western bass tournament anglers who wish to enter a 2-Day event as a Professional or an Amateur. Pairing will be decided by random draw.

PROS: In order to guarantee you will fish with an "Am" for both days of the tournament, you must include the "Ams" name on your registration form.

AMS: In order to guarantee your entry as an "Am" in the tournament, your name must be entered on a "Pro" Registration. Otherwise, you will be paired based on the order in which you register along with availability.

Don't delay!

 - 5 Fish Limit

 - Shared Weight Format

 - Off Limits Period: Mon. & Tues. on the week of the event

 - Official Practice Days: Wed. - Fri. on the week of the event.

Mandatory in-person meeting will be held on the Friday evening prior to the event.

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